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Week 15 - 2022

Nick Folk LEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 17: Cleveland Browns linebacker Deion Jones (54) tackles Baltimore Ravens quarterback Tyler Huntley (2) during the third quarter of the National Football League game between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns on December 17, 2022, at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, OH. (Photo by Frank Jansky/Icon Sportswire)

December 13th, 2022

The post for community discussion is here. Go share your take!

Charitable Donation Update

More than 100 additional subscribers (111) joined the "1 week charity" campaign. In total, $2,652.00 was donated to the Concussion Legacy Foundation, in honor of r/fantasyfootball. Well done! This one felt good-- I think it's worth repeating for sure.

Notes for week 15

The good news is that, ever since week 10 (the week with massive upsets), predictability has been as high as ever. That means 4 weeks in a row with very good capability to plan strategically. Hopefully you felt it!

In last week’s accuracy report, I had forgotten to include the betting lines assessment. Now I have added it to that post, through week 14. The results looks bad, as there has been a net loss. But what I mostly see is the week 10 loss: not that it ultimately matters, but otherwise, the season would be above break-even. Let’s close out positive!

Good luck towards the finish line.