Off-season: Explore the unlocked site! Projections reflect re-calculations of 2022, based on end-of-season knowledge.



Covers 12 full months of access, regardless of start date.

Standard (annual)

$15 / year

($3 / month of season)

Point projections for all teams. Including 1 week of look-ahead for K/DST/QB for near-term strategic maneuvering. Complementary 17 week view for flex positions (total team fantasy score, standard).

Long Range (annual)

$30 / year

($6 / month of season)

For holding strategy and other long-term planning. The full 17-week view of point projections is provided for all team positions. Additional Survivor Pool analysis included.

Line Betting (annual)

$50 / year

($10 / month of season)

Betting advice for game lines, using a weekly portfolio-optimization approach. Includes full access: 17-week view of game scores, all fantasy projections, and Survivor Pool analysis.