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Welcome to Week 2 - 2022

Nick Folk AP Photo/Lon Horwedel

Update September 14, 11:30 EST

  • Note you can toggle which default D/ST scores display (“ESPN/Yahoo”) when you visit this website in the future. Just choose your preferred option at the bottom of the webpage!

  • I want to highlight there was a mere formula error (close parenthesis, “)” in the wrong spot in my formula) that caused the Seahawks vs. 49ers Spread bet amount to appear too large yesterday. The number was severe enough that you probably scratched your head! But anyway the formula is fixed. (That particular bet is not relevant anymore.)

  • Survivor paths will update Wednesday afternoon.

September 13, 2022, 12:30 EST

What a wild week 1…

I will need time to get to the accuracy analysis, but gut feeling is we saw more upsets than usual. That might point to a season that will be tougher to predict. The good news is the models are updated based on 12 seasons of data, so we’re running with robust models now that are tuned to do the absolute best we can reasonably expect!

Some of you will have noted that the new week update took another hour or so longer than expected. Sorry, that was due to other data sources not updating on time. I pull from a few places, and one of the more reliable one… still hasn’t updated, so I had to do a lot by hand.

More to come later, I just wanted to get this up!

Good luck.