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What Goes into the D/ST Model?

D/ST fantasy scoring includes points-allowed, yards-allowed, etc., and many of these same parameters also have value in the predictive model.  Things like sacks have a larger influence from the opponent (i.e. how many sacks the opposing QB/OL allows).  Passing habits and rushing yards contribute, as do weather, field, and home games.  If I have read information about DL lineup changes (injuries), I also have a tool to make minor adjustments.

My D/ST model is currently an amalgamation of sub-models, due to successful experimentation over the years. 

  • I have one model that uses betting lines, and another that uses my own game score projections. 

  • I have a special model to sort only the top-most teams. 

  • And I have the collection of sub-models for supplementary stats, such as a dedicated model to predict number of sacks (from 10 other parameters).  

A more comprehensive list of tested parameters is listed in my ”What’s in the Model?” article.

Finally, a good amount of adjustment comes from the data processing: identifying trends and accounting for prior opponents that the D/ST faced.