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Who Follows Subvertadown?

It could be anyone interested in gaining some edge… but from experience, the most interest comes from people who appreciate knowing the scientific methodology and trusting a data-driven approach.  My followers report high confidence mostly due to trust in the methodology, even more than my actual accuracy reports.  All Subvertadown models are based on rigorous questioning of “what trends in the past have correlated with future results”.  And all in-depth analyses are created from critical questioning of assumptions—and abandoning ideas that are not consistent with real data.  Followers want to trust the method and want greater understanding of the game.

What insights can help play the game better?

There are a lot of mixed opinions about how to best navigate your fantasy season. 

There’s improved decision-making from questioning: Should you listen to a column that tells you to track QB completion percentage?  Should you bother taking in “points allowed to RB” when looking at match-up? 

Then there’s the strategic: Should you use bench space for a D/ST?  Should you try to stream kickers or find one to hold?  Should you hold a D/ST through bye week?  Should you feel better with a QB if his team has a weak defense?  Is there an advantage to picking a QB and kicker on the same team?

And then there’s your overall experience, which is really what it should be all about:  How much control do you have (or don’t), relative to chance?  When can you let yourself stop obsessing over your choice, and accept the rest is up to random forces?  When to stop worrying and let yourself just enjoy the season?