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Motivation for Modeling Kickers

I have always said that the kicker position is where I hope to make the biggest improvement.  Kickers get overlooked, so there is room to improve accuracy—which in turn makes it viable to maximize points by streaming (instead of holding).  

My original interest in kickers was from sensing many rankings didn’t care much.  They seemed inaccurate and biased toward "feel good" candidates.  I thought the complexity of situational factors must be getting overlooked, which spurred my initiative to test a couple hundred variables in search of patterns, covering aspects of both teams.  

Verdict: Yes, there was room to improve accuracy, making kicker selection a more strategic element of fantasy football.  Therefore streaming is viable and can even be expected to match the experience of having drafted (just by luck) the season top kicker.

Opinion: While some people may think kickers are boring for fantasy, I find the position genuinely fascinating from a gambling perspective.  Kicker usage is so highly dependent on all the complex interplays between the two teams, I think it’s fair to say no other position is more intimately connected to game script.  This is because—and don’t forget this—kicking the ball is usually the back-up plan:  the last resort as an alternative to advancing or TD scoring.  This makes kicker usage an enigmatic reflection of an offense’s combined successes and failures.