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Charts FAQ

The projection charts display the key outputs from Subvertadown models, to facilitate your roster choices for streaming.

Here are some answers to common questions:

  • Timing of Week changeover: Charts are updated ASAP to the new week, after data from Monday Night comes in. A Tuesday afternoon update is normal.

  • Frequency of “Real-time” updating: Charts are updated through the week, to reflect more recent knowledge.

    • I tend to update twice daily, manually, as new information comes in.

    • Most common reasons for changes: betting lines, injury reports, and weather forecasts

      • Injury updates are incorporated as I learn about them. If you think a (recent) significant injury has not been incorporated, just let me know and I will judge the severity.

  • Column labels:

    • “%”: This means %ownership, and the purpose is to distinguish commonly rostered players versus likely available ones.

      • There is a toggle, if you would like to view only players with more availability.

    • “Err”: This is an estimate of confidence in the projection. A lower error means less deviation is expected— this should mean a higher floor but also a lower ceiling.

    • “PA”= Points Allowed, “YA” =Yard Allowed, “FR” = Fumble Recovery. “FG”= Field Goal, “XP” = Extra Points, “Impl. Score” = Implied score of the offense, according to betting lines. “PAY”= Passing Yards, “RUY”= Rushing Yards, “PTD” = Passing Touchdowns, “INT” = Interceptions

      • All supplementary models are based on distinct predictive models, not directly related to the main fantasy point projection.