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What People Say about D/ST

There is some narrative that D/ST scoring is problematic, which has validity.  Scores can go negative, making it the only position you might consider sitting.  Scores decrease during the game, causing frustration.  And scoring is more about the D than the ST: special teams scoring would count return punt return yards and kicking, right?  I have suggestions to improve these, but it would take effort to gain traction.

Partly for these reasons, some hold the opinion that fantasy football is more enjoyable if the D/ST position eliminated.  I’m neutral on whether defenses should “count” to a fantasy team, in principle.  However, I would miss the benefit of strategic D/ST streaming – those precious points of advantage and the fun of planning them out.

Others’ advice vs. Subvertadown:

  • The opponent’s expected points allowed (from betting lines) is a good rule-of-thumb: Verdict: True!  The Subvertadown D/ST model weights this somewhat strongly.

  • Choose a good D even against a good offense, rather than a weak D facing a weak offense.  Verdict: Weak or even false on average, but I understand it helps avoid feeling stupid.

  • Target a high spread so the opposing team is desperate and makes mistakes.  Verdict: False.  Spread adds no significance, after implied score is taken into account.

  • Never hold an extra D/ST on your bench.  Verdict: False, I believe.  There are always certain weeks of the season where only 1 or 2 D/STs inspire confidence; and it can help if you can plan for those weeks in advance.