The website is unlocked and in off-season mode. The 2023 season is displayed, and you can explore all the site features freely!

Welcome to the New Website

Nick Folk AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill


Finally, I can reveal the Subvertadown Project’s biggest UI enhancement yet: all my content in a new shiny website!

I encourage all of you to browse around and explore the features, while it’s in full-access demo mode. Examples below.

This off-season was spent with a huge focus on boosting user experience (in contrast to other off-seasons more focused on intensive model updates). I think you previous followers will like it. And new followers should hopefully find us more easily to join the fun.

What can we do with it?

  1. Explore the projection tables. Play around: view the different positions, and click the toggles.

  2. Try sorting charts by different columns.

  3. Switch between dark mode and light mode (toggle at bottom of webpage).

  4. Search Articles: click “articles” for the full list, or use the search function to find something.

  5. In the Article section, select a “tag” to see the list of associated articles.

  6. Check out the section on betting lines, if you haven’t seen that before.

  7. Read my recent articles about Survivor pools.

  8. Share feedback with me over at Reddit. Or even share the site with others, if you think they’d like to know about it.

Why a website? 1) My analytical studies needed a new home.

All 5 years of my Reddit content eventually became dispersed and difficult to navigate. This new website format makes it all organized and easily searchable. This makes it possible for more people to utilize it.

If you click “Articles” at the top, you will find a number of tags that make it easy to find among 25+ analytical articles. Go try it! You will also find another 25+ background articles. Articles are also linked throughout the site, when relevant.

Why a website? 2) My ranking charts take another leap in functionality.

Year after year, I have improved the format of my ranking charts. They used to be plain text lists. Then they were formatted tables. Then I made JPEG colored tables, which I updated manually. Last year I advanced to “live” spreadsheet displays.

Now, the charts are sortable by column. For example, try sorting by next-week’s projections. This makes it easier to look ahead. There is even a new “% owned” category, so you can exclude players/defenses from the list if they are highly owned.

Will it run by subscription?

Partly, yes. Most of the articles remain free. (“Public education!”) And my front page displays top streaming picks.

But you would need a subscription if you want to unlock the full ranking lists, including for future weeks. (I post about why, here.)

The website’s prices (annual-based) are meant to be kept low, with just a slight bump to cover my fantastic web-designer.

Some articles will need updating (I’m aware)

Some old analytical studies are based on 1-3 years of data. They are still useful, but they are due for a re-vamp. I have collected 12-years’ worth of data, so new simulations are required for every article. However, at the moment I have other priorities (such as making a website…!). For now the articles will appear in their old form. Still, I believe you will find most of them relevant and useful.

Will Subvertadown still be on Reddit? (Or on Patreon?)

Somehow, I suspect most of my Reddit followers will be happier to find my content here. You won’t need to search for my content anymore. You won’t need to wait for my posts to bubble upwards (in competition with all those “Re-Tweet” posts). Just come here!

Therefore, I will not post my rankings to the forum like I used to.


Patreon is currently not open to new donors. Only existing subscribers for now.

What else can we look forward to?

Most of you know that things never stop moving here. Subvertadown has always been about perpetual improvement.

  • Obviously, the charts will get updated for 2022 after this trial period. (The website is currently in demo mode for free, showing a modified week 13 outlook.)

  • The models have been in an updating process, all off-season. Delayed by website creation. The new models will be trained on 12 years of data, and they will overhaul data processing.

  • New articles are already planned. Want to know if you should stream the kicker on the opposing team of your QB? Want proof that my accuracy metric is better? Stay tuned!