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What Was the Motivation for Starting This Work?

I became interested in fantasy football modeling because I wanted a better understanding but found 3 things missing from many ranking sources:

  • I felt there was room for a data-backed approach to improve prediction.  I encountered opinions and claims, but too rarely backed by analysis. 

  • Rankings sometimes seemed “crowd-pleasing”; and without knowing what information they assessed, it was hard to judge how much to trust them.   And meanwhile, it was difficult or impossible to understand if rankers genuinely cared about results— and about making improvements to their accuracy. 

  • I wanted projections beyond the current week. I wanted to see, at the very least, 1 extra week look-ahead of D/ST projections, to optimize waivers and bench strategies.

I saw that launching new fantasy analytics could make it possible to provide these things. I wanted to start a project with transparency of methodology, tracked accuracy, and sound modeling for trustworthy guidance.