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Remembering How to Have Fun with the Game

Recognizing that this crazy game of Fantasy Football feels serious for some people..., I want to remind you the importance of remembering how to have fun with the game. Treating fantasy as just a way to win the pot-- or thinking it's only worth it for the glory-- these are probably signs you're in the wrong business. Rather you should look at the game as entertainment-- Your league dues are not like the cost of a lottery ticket; rather they're like admission to a movie or a concert. A concert that lasts for 4 months-- The cost well worth it, so measure your success by how much you enjoy the process.

Relatedly, remember that the most important part of the game is the feeling of enjoying your own approach. My advice is to reflect on what approach feels most rewarding to you. You probably follow me if you're the kind of person who enjoys an underlying math-y approach, in the hopes of a statistical edge-- but maybe that's not you. Maybe you think streaming's a hassle..., or you like feeling attached to your team..., or you want more "eye test" evaluation instead of numbers..., or you simply love the storyline behind players.

This is why (despite my habit of "top" streaming candidates) I've advised many times that you should go with the player you really want to. Because your experience is what matters most. Even if it stings when you see your-guy bust, it feels even worse when you feel regret after playing random-guy-from-my-charts-that-you're-not-really-into.