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Setting Expectation Level for Kickers: How Random/Predictable are Kickers?

Kickers are one of the least predictable fantasy positions—with around the same level of predictability as individual WR1s. 

  • Control: Remember, kickers don't make their own destiny by just "being awesome". Their team is literally trying avoid using them, most of the time. Kicker performance is a product of situation.

  • Attitude: Don't obsess about which kicker, as long as it’s top-8. For 2 reasons: the results don't swing as widely as D/ST, and there's no way to be sure which of those top options will boom or bust.

  • Numbers: The average kicker score is around 7.5 points, and the typical amount of error is +/-3 points. My top options have an average of 9 points, so a score of 6 is totally within reason. I hope you'll average 9 over the season.