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Nick Folk JACKSONVILLE, FL - DECEMBER 31: Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Josh Allen (41) reacts after a recording a sack on Carolina Panthers quarterback Bryce Young (9) during the game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Carolina Panthers on December 31, 2023 at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville, Fl. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire

January 2nd, 2024

[Final accuracy round-up posted here]

[Season wrap-up and Week 18 suggestions posted here]

For now I wanted to note that the website is entering off-season mode, with the site unlocked and free to explore.

As I always do in the off-season, the projections in all charts now represent how the models would predict things now, “as if those games were played over again today.” This lets us judge what results were “random” when they happened, compared to what the expectations should have been.

At the season start we did not have nearly complete knowledge of each team’s strengths and weaknesses. This view lets us explore “what ifs” and “if only we had known…”

Have fun with it!

More soon, and Happy New Year,


Update Saturday January 6th

Simplified model output for D/ST and Kicker in week 18: