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Weekly Strategy for Choosing a Kicker

Good kicker projections can make it viable to stream the kicker position.  And it can actually be easier to stream than D/ST, because your league-mates are probably not rostering 2 kickers (whereas rostering 2 D/STs can be more common, creating difficulty especially in larger leagues).  Since my rankings are not always similar to other sources, a kicker in my top 8 should be easier to snatch off waivers.

But back to basics, the 3 main reasons we're streaming kicker:

  • the opposing team matters,

  • the point difference in projections are so small, you don’t need to stress about the perfect hold,

  • as new data reveals the offense's qualities during the season, you might need to drop the beloved kicker you were trying to hold,

  • oh, and injuries (on both sides of the ball).

Kicker Streaming advice: Try to pick a kicker in my top 8.  You can also plan to "short-hold" kickers (for 2-3 weeks) more easily than D/ST, if you plan effectively (thereby avoiding waivers).

Here's a previous analysis about streaming vs. holding kickers.