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Weekly Strategy for D/ST: Streaming

With D/STs, you should be prepared to stream in most leagues. D/ST is the most obvious fantasy position to stream, since the score is mostly dependent on the opposing offense—thereby affecting each D/ST’s value every new week.

Many people try target defenses to hold, but you'll run into a few problems:

  • at some point your D/ST will have its Bye week,

  • your defense will hit some tough opponents, while good streaming options pass you buy, and

  • the experts often wrongly judge defensive prowess before the draft.

  • Oh, and injuries.

You might be forced to hold a D/ST if your league has 16 teams and they hoard D/STs.  Then you may also sometimes decide to play no D/ST at all for a given week (fear of negative points).  But usually D/ST streaming is simply the obvious thing to do.